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Own your own home, condo, or townhome? Covering your home includes not only your dwelling structure, but all the things you have inside your home. This coverage is also designed to provide liability insurance in case you or your family members are sued.


Are you renting a home or apartment or staying with someone else? Renters or tenant insurance will cover your belongings and personal liability because your landlord will not. It also provides loss of use if your place isn't livable.


Owning property that you rent is a wonderful investment. Ensure that your investment is protected for damaged building, liability, and loss of rents in case of accident or disaster.

Protects you and your family in case of accidents ...

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Auto insurance protects you and your family in case of accidents, to repair your vehicle as well as liability protection if others are injured, including court and attorney costs.


Whether you boat is for a lake, river, or ocean waters, we can ensure that you stay afloat, covering your fishing, pontoons, jet skis or power boats. Coverage can include towing, replacement cost for your boat, or fuel spills clean-up.


We can provide customized coverage to protect your motorcycle, ATV, or moped – whether you enjoy the road year-round, part time, or summer fun only.

RVs/Travel Trailers

Whether you use your RV for vacations or your home-away-from-home, we will make sure you're covered with the right insurance.

Collectible or Modern Classic Cars

Have a vehicle that isn't your everyday transport because it is an antique, specialty or collectible? We can provide low annual premiums and guaranteed replacement cost without the hassle.



When a loved one, key employee or business owner passes away, there are options available to ensure that you, your family, or business can continue to thrive.


Affordable and temporary protection set for a duration of time for a specified amount of coverage.


Traditional permanent life insurance with guaranteed cash value that increases over time, as long as premiums are paid.


Permanent life insurance with that can build cash value with gains, growing tax free as long as premiums are paid.


Many times, businesses are required to provide bonds to satisfy a contract or for government work


Don't wait until you get the large contract for work to get insurance. Subcontractors need to satisfy their contractual obligations as well as protect their business. This will also include your tools, equipment, and employees.

Workers Compensation

Employees are your #1 asset. Workers Compensation protects that asset, in case an employee is injured or gets ill on the job. Insurance can provide protection with medical costs for injuries or illness, and lost wages for the employee. It can also provide a death benefit to the family members.


Just because your work is part time (1099) or you work for multiple companies, don't forget to protect your business. You will need the same type of insurance as a traditional business. Many times, your contract requires you to carry your own insurance.


Business Owner Policy (BOP)

Packages the insurance most small businesses need, and includes property and liability coverages.

Commercial Auto

Similar to personal auto, commercial auto covers repairing your vehicle and damage and injury to others.  It can also cover vehicles you borrow or rent and employee use of their cars for business.

Professional Liability (E and O)

This type of liability coverage protects business owners against client lawsuits cause from negligence, errors or omissions. It will typically protect you, your employees, and subcontractors.

General Liability

Every business has some liability potential whether it is a customer slip and fall, or legal liability based on their risk and exposures. This coverage protects for any medical cost or lawsuits that may arise.


Whether you own your own building, work from home, or rent space, this coverage protects your building, business property, furniture, equipment, and inventory. It also provides loss of income in case your location isn't available.

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