We're very different from other insurance agencies.

  • Agency started in 2010
  • We're a minority and woman-owned business. All of our advisors are women – extremely rare in the insurance industry.
  • Most of our advisors are fluent in Spanish, so we can communicate clearly with our Hispanic community, and be sure we're providing you with exactly what you need.
  • Together, we have over 60 years of experience in insurance and customer service, in a diverse array of industries – so we know and understand the options available to you.
  • We actually get to know you BEFORE we give you a quote, so we won't be suggesting that you pay for things you might not need.
  • We're licensed in North and South Carolina, Georgia, Ohio, Virginia, and the District of Columbia.
  • We have two offices in the Charlotte, North Carolina area (Ballantyne, and South Charlotte).
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Clients we serve well & work well with our agency

We exist to provide our customers with numerous choices without sacrificing quality and value. At the core of our foundation at Tillman Insurance Advisors is an understanding of the risks you will likely face.
As an insurance firm with a culture of social responsibility, here’s where you see how we interact and interface with our communities.

Tillman Partners with Promising Pages

As part of our corporate social responsibility and genuine interest in improving the lots of underserved children in Charlotte, we are partnering with Promising Pages. Our passion at Tillman Insurance Advisors aligns strongly with Promising Pages’ mission of reaching underserved children with books and fuelling their lifelong passion for reading using innovative literacy programs and partnerships. We are proud at Tillman Insurance Advisors to be lending a hand in creating a bright future in our Charlotte communities.

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Tillman Honored With the 2021 Enterprising Women of The Year Award

As the region’s foremost insurance expert with over three-decade experience, Raquel Tillman, our Chief Advisor, has been selected as one of the 2021 awardees of the Enterprising Women of the Year. “The recipients of the 2021 Enterprising Women of the Year Awards represent an amazing group of women entrepreneurs from across the United States and as far away as India and Malaysia,” said Monica Smiley, Publisher, and CEO of Enterprising Women. “We could not be prouder to recognize their accomplishments as CEOs of fast-growth companies, community leaders, and role models and mentors to other women and girls. We look forward to shining the spotlight on them at our 19th annual awards event in November.”

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Our Partners

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