Emmanuel Ojo

agosto 11, 2021

Cyber Liability Insurance: An Essential Coverage in The Internet Age

We now live in an era where we all depend on the internet almost every second of the day. Our businesses have been fully or partially […]
agosto 3, 2021

Settling The Debate: Commercial Auto Insurance Vs. Hired and Non-Owned Auto Insurance

Every day, Americans behave in ways that make them susceptible to risks. Imagine crossing against a red light, unnecessary speeding above the speed limits, or motivating […]
julio 20, 2021

Insurance Tip of the Week – How Not To Screw Up Your Insurance

We don’t want to see you bungling your insurance policies; that’s the idea behind this week’s tips. There are at least three easy ways through which […]
julio 20, 2021

How To Make An Insurance Claim Against Someone Else

Just last week while sitting at a light, another car ran the light and hit another car.  It was scary because the driver never hit her […]
julio 17, 2021

3 Instances When Life Insurance Saved The Day

While many hope never to need insurance, the understanding of its importance is growing by the day. For both the insurer and the insured, some instances […]
julio 7, 2021

3 Important Insurance Everyone Needs

It’s beyond your power to prevent unexpected happenings but within it is your reach to acquire the proper protection. Insurance intends to safeguard you financially. While […]
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