Actually, in Charlotte, April historically is the lowest month for rain/precipitation.  It is August, March, June, and July (in order) that have historically the most rain/precipitation.  With rain comes flooding.  
We get many clients who call and discuss flood insurance with us (usually during a flood warning).  And the #1 question is… “if I am not in a flood zone, should I purchase flood insurance?”  My answer is that anywhere it rains, it can flood; even in low-risk areas.  There a lot of factors that influence the risk of floods such as rainfall, landscape, flood history, or changes due to new construction.  Just because it hasn’t in the past doesn’t mean it will not.  

Regular homeowners, renters, and commercial property insurance don’t cover flooding. I encourage clients to get a quote for flood insurance so they know the cost and then determine whether to purchase.  It is not as expensive as you may think.  The lower the degree of risk of flooding is the lower the flood insurance premium.  

Go to to find out if you are in a flood zone.

Thinking about buying a separate flood insurance policy?  Keep in mind policies have a 30 wait period.  Give our office a call at 704-960-1860 to request a quote for your property. 

Flood terms to know:

:• Flood watch – rainfall is heavy enough to cause rivers to overflow their banks. Flooding is possible.

• Flood warning – flooding is occurring or very likely to happen in an affected river, lake or tidewater area. If told to leave, do so immediately.

• Flash flood watch – flash flooding in specified areas is possible. Be alert! You may need to take quick action.

• Flash flood warning – flash flooding is occurring or is likely to happen along certain streams and select areas. Get to a safe place immediately!

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